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Helpful links for your Business


COVID-19 Updates that May Impact Your Business


COVID-19: How will Coronavirus impact your business?


COVID-19 Small Business Help Centre


COVID-19 Situational Awareness Dashboard


COVID-19 in Canada: Using data and modelling to inform public health action


Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)


Federal Guidance on Essential Services

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan


COVID-19: Employer Resources and Important Updates


Live COVID map and the curves by country to help people understand why they have to ”flatten” the curve



The link to the video give you access to both week 1 and week 2. 


Week One topics you will find are:

  • Deploying Agile Strategy In Times Of Crises
  • Remote Working Strategies
  • Health And Sanitary Considerations From The GBAC
  • The Economic Impact Of The Coronavirus Crisis
  • Consider The Human & Relational Capital Issues During The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Strategic Considerations During The Coronavirus Crises
  • Leading Thru Times Of Uncertainty With Distributed Teams And Contingency Plans
  •  How To Stress Test Your Business In Times Of Crises

Week Two topics you will find are:

  • Why you should foster resiliency in times of crises, and how to do it
  • Lessons from another black swan event:  How our Hurricane Katrina research can help you Engage your team, customers, and market
  • How to pivot your marketing message in the early stages of this pandemic crises
  • We are a Jan/San distributor at the epicenter of this pandemic: Here is how I am leading
  • I’m not the company president:  How a front line manager is helping his team pivot and stay focused
  • I’m the chief people officer of a regional distributor: Let’s talk about the human element of the crisis
  • Five Principles & mindset for your sales team during this crisis





COVID-19 Links on Province Level:



British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

Quebec City




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s the difference between a state of emergency and a public health emergency?


state of emergency can be declared by a federal, provincial, or municipal government if they believe they need to take immediate, temporary and extraordinary measures in the interest of public safety. These can be enacted during times of war, natural disasters, major accidents or disease outbreaks.

A public health emergency is declared using the province or territory’s Public Health Act, which gives a variable level of authority (depending on the province) to the chief public health official. Depending on what powers the province needs will determine which declaration they use. It’s entirely dependent on what powers are associated with that province or territory’s health or state of emergency legislation.


Q: Are new filtration installations considered “essential?”


This will depend on the situation and what water issues you are being asked to deal with.  Private wells may have an immediate need, or a customer on municipal may have a malfunctioning device that ultimately needs to be replace.  Please use your best judgement, while keeping the priority on health and safety of the consumer and your employees.


Q: Should we continue with our service contracts?


These contracts should be prioritized to those that need the service to continue to offer an essential service.  If you are just going out to change out filters because it has been 1 year, perhaps this could be deferred for 2 months. 



Letters to the Government


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