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CWQA and the Environment

CWQA, our members and industry professionals are committed to the highest standards of environmental compliance in Canada.

In recent years, the industry has observed increasing product stewardship regulations emerge across Canada. While the initial goal is to divert products from landfill at their end of life, the real goal is to design products that are easier to recycle, and easier to reuse or re-purpose at their logical end of life.

To fulfill this goal, the industry have set out to develop standards and methods to recycle and reuse many of its components. The end goal is that little or no products make it to landfill. Everything from the plastics on valves can be recycled. More importantly, carbon media is diverted and can be used for energy, resins can be recycled to create new products and even mineral media such as manganese greensand can have a commercial purpose.

The industry is committed to research and has developed a number of standards and these will be integrated into the very strong regime of existing product standards for the water treatment industry. Work on this is ongoing and is a focus of the industry, our members and policymakers.

On the topic of chemical safety, CWQA is committed to ensure that our members use and apply chemicals in a safe, sustainable and practical manner. We understand that historical and liberal uses of some chemicals have harmed the environment and have taken steps to quantify the industry's impact on the environment and communicate our responsibility to manage use.

The result is a regime being developed where drinking water treatment systems are more water efficient, use less regenerating chemicals and are becoming easier and more efficient (and cost effective) to recycle at end of life.

None of these changes affect the performance and efficacy of the industry's products. Water treatment remains a viable choice to ensure that the water in your home or work is safe and drinkable.


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