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Canadian Water Treatment Market is Worth $2.51 Billion - CWQA Survey Reveals

Monday, August 28, 2017  
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If the Water Quality Improvement and Treatment was a pie, how big would your slice be? How big is the slice that CWQA members collectively occupy? These are tough questions, mainly because the definition or this “pie” is unclear. One could argue Water Treatment is a “sector” rather than a defined industry because of its ubiquitous and informal nature.

We know that professionals in this space can be Water Treatment Technicians, Well Drillers, Pump Mechanics, Plumbers, Environmental Engineers, Professional Trades Educators, Urban Planners, Self-taught Entrepreneurs, Jill-of-all-trades, all-of-the-above or none-of-the-above!

It continues to be a voluntary trade; allowing – for better and for worse – a low barrier to entry into the market. Our livelihood comes from a space that is unregulated yet inherently and critically tied to the health, well being and effective function of communities, institutions and physical infrastructure.

This is a question that has been a reoccurring theme for the Association Board and 2017-2018 President Jason Jackson. And thus, CWQA conducted a survey of its membership and received a 38% response rate. The quick survey asked members about the age of their business; annual revenue; number of employees and customer types. The responses were insightful and exciting. Here is what we learnt:


The Sector at Large
Based on revenues reported in the survey CWQA estimates its membership alone to represent about $561M of a $2.51B Canada wide market. While the bulk of businesses fall under $250k for annual revenue (Dealer/Retailer type) the report also shows many with revenues in millions and 10s of millions as well. The highest amount reported by a single member organization is $100M.

CWQA believes strongly in understanding the strength of this space when we advocate for our members to government and regulator. Information like this strengthens our voice. Additionally, it illuminates a future of boundless potential and prosperity for this fine industry.


  • The Dealer/Retailer group continues to represent the bulk of CWQA membership at 73%
  • Annual revenue ranges from under $250K to over $5M
  • With businesses as old as 70+ years this business model clearly has longevity and staying power along with a talent pool with great wisdom
  • Versatile and nimble; the bulk of these businesses employ under 10 employees
  • Every one of these businesses serves residential customers, 80% also serve commercial and 30% serve small systems additionally.


Annual Revenue in Water Treatment:
The range in these results show stability and growth across the board



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